Things To Do In The Sunshine State Of Florida

Florida is the Sunshine State of America. It’s always sunny in this part of the United States because of the region’s subtropical climate. You won’t be seeing any snow in Florida, just the rain and the heat of a sun. And the state’s activities are just as sunny as its weather.

One of the things that Florida is famous for are its beaches. Well don’t just stare at the golden horizon of course. Get into the water and take a swim! That’s one of the best things you can do in the sunny Florida state. The Miami Beach is the most famous beach in Florida. The area is also known for shopping and dining opportunities. The Panama City Beach on Panhandle is also one of the state’s most popular beaches. Crowds endlessly fill the beaches of Panama and Miami as if they’ll magically vanish the next day!

Not a big fan of crowds? You can go to the New Smyrna Beach which stretches for 13 miles along the coast of a small, seaside town. Florida’s most beautiful beach, I’d have to say, is Pensacola. Located between the Gulf of Mexico and Panhandle, the beach is famous for its white sand beaches.

Aside from the obviously beautiful beaches of sunny Florida and their beaching opportunities, there are plenty other things to do there. Tour around St. Petersburg and Tampa, two of Florida’s major tourist destinations. St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States has a distinct Spanish architecture you won’t see anywhere else in Florida. Key West, the southernmost tip of the United States, is famous for activities like diving and fishing. If you’re on a family holiday vacation in Florida, you can’t miss Orlando which is home to Florida’s best theme parks and makes for an awesome place to visit in addition to the amazing beaches!

If you haven’t had enough sightseeing in Florida yet, you can head to Jacksonville. The city’s modern architecture is truly a beautiful sight especially with the dark night sky in the backdrop. Sarasota also makes an ideal getaway if you get tired of Florida’s busy streets. The place is tranquil and laid back which means you can relax there before moving on to other Florida attractions.

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