Top Caribbean Islands Not to Miss!

The Caribbean Islands are jam-packed with white sandy beaches, amazing attractions and arresting natural sceneries. The Islands also have a laid back atmosphere and arguably, some of the world’s most hospitable people. Owing to the beautiful things it offers in a single package and the many first-rate resorts located here, the location is often touted as a destination for the wealthy. This however isn’t accurate because the Islands have something in store for everyone. Their close proximity to the United States makes flying there easy with plenty of flights. With that said, here are some of the islands that should be top on your list if you are planning to tour the Caribbean anytime in the near future.

Regardless of where you choose to visit in the Caribbean, having travel insurance is important as it is the only way you can get covered in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Depending on the policy you choose, travel insurance can cover medical emergencies, stolen possessions, trip cancellations, and missed connections. This can go a long way into helping you stay in control of your budget so your holiday plans are not ruined.

beach in Caribbean

Photo by Matthew T Rader


With its pristine beaches and picturesque setting, Jamaica is a particularly great holiday spot if you have a romantic getaway on the cards. While here, you can tuck away in an exotic resort where you can make time to mingle with the locals and soak in the rich Jamaican culture as well. The seafood here is also exceptional as it is not just obtained fresh from the sea, but also prepared by some of the world’s greatest chefs.


There are more than 700 islands in the Bahamas and with all this variety, nothing beats a Bahamas vacation. If you are looking for adventure and a great nightlife, you can pick from the more frequented islands such as New Providence and Inagua but if you want a more relaxed setting, you can settle on Rum Cay or Bimini. While in these places, you can swim with dolphins, dive with the sharks, go cruising or simply take a walk along the beautiful shorelines.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offer a very European vibe; so if you are coming from Europe and are after a more homely feel, this is where you need to head to. Cayman Islands boast some of the most inspiring natural views and the location is therefore best for nature lovers. If you are into fishing or rock climbing, you will be in for a great treat if you stop by this location as well.


The Aruba Island is one of the ABC islands of the Caribbean where the B and C stand for Bonaire and Curacao. One of the best things about the Aruba Islands is the weather which is always warm all year round. Thus, regardless of when you wish to make a trip to this spot, you can be sure to enjoy your time out. The Aruba Island also houses some chique holiday rentals; so if you are looking to get pampered during your getaway, you will find more than a few places in which to get what you need here.

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