Practical Tips for Driving in Denmark

While this post isn’t about the USA, it takes the spirit of the quintessential American road trip to Europe!

A driving holiday is one of the best ways to explore Denmark. Hiring a car is easy, and Denmark is a beautiful country for self-drive tours. There are a few things to know about traffic and driving regulations, but for most EU drivers driving in Denmark is relatively easy. As long as you follow a few safety rules about using a seat belt and not talking on your mobile while driving, it should be easy to drive around Denmark.

streets in Denmark

Driving Rules in Denmark

Denmark consists of islands that are connected by bridges or by ferry services. You can take your car on all ferries for easy and fast transport between the islands. The Storebelt Bridge and the Oresund Bridge both have a high toll, but otherwise toll roads are not common. It is important to have the correct insurance when hiring a car and driving in Denmark, such asĀ direct car excess insurance.

The Danes drive on the right hand side. You are only allowed to pass another vehicle on the left. Most other rules are very similar to driving in any EU country, but one thing that makes Denmark special is that a cyclist always has the right of way. Denmark promotes cycling fiercely, and a large part of the population cycles almost around the year. Most roads have bike lanes, and there are many bike paths, so it is very important to keep an eye on cyclists and be conscious of their rights.

EU citizens can generally use the driving licenses from their own countries when driving in any other EU country. International licenses are not necessary for European drivers to drive in Denmark. Those coming from outside the EU should check the rules for their nationalities.

Safe Driving in Denmark

There are a few strict safety rules about driving in Denmark. Drinking and driving is prohibited, and the legal driving limit (the breath alcohol concentration limit) is 0.05%. Using mobile phones while driving is also prohibited, although hand-free sets are allowed if they are built into the car. All passengers in your car have to use seatbelts.

There are many great destinations for driving holidays in Denmark. Most visitors start from the capital city Copenhagen before heading out to the countryside. Denmark has beautiful beaches as well as a lot of picturesque countryside, and there are accommodation options from gorgeous hotels to campsites. There are many free attractions in Denmark, too. Many museums and other attractions are free to enter; free museums include the National Museum of Denmark and the National Gallery of Denmark.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy your trip in a safe manner, bon voyage!

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