Australians Travelling Abroad: Top 10 US Destinations

If you want to get out of Australia and visit an interesting place, you should consider taking a vacation in the United States. The United States is filled with so many diverse cities and attractions that you are bound to see something that fascinates you. Here are the top 10 United States destinations you should consider.


Hawaii is one of the most visited states in the country. People love Hawaii for its warm weather, gorgeous beaches and fascinating volcanoes. Many people choose Hawaii beach homes to stay during their trip, as there are many locations and amenities to choose from. When you visit this place, you will truly feel like you are in paradise. In addition to whale watching and surfing, you can just lie on the beach and forget about everything else. There are also plenty of Melbourne to Hawaii flights to choose from.


Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and definitely worth visiting. It is surrounded by Lake Michigan and features one of the most beautiful skylines you will ever see. There are so many great attractions to see in this city including Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo and the Field Museum. Don’t forget to try some deep dish pizza that the city is famous for.

New York City

No trip to the United States would be complete without visiting New York City. It is the largest city in the United States and filled with activities to do. When you are in the Big Apple, make sure to visit the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Empire State Building.

Washington DC

Washington DC

Washington D.C.

If you want to learn more about the history of the United States, visit Washington D.C. The capital city is filled with all sorts of monuments and museums that are rich with history. The best part is that all of the attractions in Washington D.C. are free.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is mostly known for its casinos, but the city offers so much more than that. This exciting city also has world class shopping, amazing concerts, comedy shows and tremendous restaurants. Most of the hotels in this city are really fun and feature the best pools.

New Orleans

New Orleans is definitely one of the more interesting cities in the southern United States. There are lots of things to do and places to see in this city including Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. Whether you go with your friends or family, you will have a fun time in New Orleans.

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most modern and diverse cities in the United States. It’s a friendly place that is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown and hippie culture. The ocean and mountains are absolutely beautiful, so don’t hesitate to take photos. You’ll probably love it so much, chances are you’ll be searching for San Francisco Movers by the time you’re trip has ended!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home to many celebrities and considered one of the more exciting cities in the United States. The weather is warm, the beaches are gorgeous and you can do plenty of high-end shopping on Rodeo Drive.


Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and filled with culture and history. If you visit this city, make sure to visit Fenway Park, Sam Adams Brewery and the Freedom Trail.


Miami is the place to visit if you love warm weather and amazing beaches. This city is warm all year round and filled with exciting attractions like Zoo Miami, Jungle Island, South Beach and Monkey Jungle.