Awesome Casino to Visit When Traveling in America!

Everybody is aware that Las Vegas is the capital of gambling, not only in America, but in the world. Housing the world’s most famous casinos and having been the subject of many films, Vegas has been put on the map for nothing else really. The gambling there is provided as a form of entertainment. Alongside the roulette and poker tables you will also find music, magic shows and comedy galore when in Vegas. While the city has grown up around it’s gaming options, there are some other awesome things to see like the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon in close proximity. You will probably be aware of this, but if you are planning a trip to Vegas, you should look up some of the most revered casinos to visit during your stay as well of course.


One of the most celebrated casinos in Vegas is the Venetian casino. This casino is fairly unique compared to the others found in the Nevada desert as it is based completely on Venice in Italy, displaying examples of its architecture throughout. Casinos are well known for being glamorous places, and this casino really stands out as one of the classiest.

One other casino which is very well known and worth a visit is the Bellagio casino. This has been featured in many films, one of these being Ocean’s Eleven. It has a huge array of games available and a poker room renowned for its high table limits. Such a wide array of games is important nowadays – despite still being the gambling capital of the world Las Vegas has recently seen competition from Macau and online casinos such as It is obviously important to stave off such competition in order to keep hold of the prestige gained over the years.

The MGM Grand casino is one of the other most famous casinos around. This is well known for having the best selection of non-gambling entertainment in Vegas, housing a large arena that often sees some of the biggest boxing matches as well as some of the biggest names in showbiz such as Elton John.


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