What to know about bussiness class seats

first class cabin

People who travel a lot, especially those who travel long distances, tend to fly business class. Though business class flights are somewhat expensive, the benefits offered to premium class passengers, are definitely worth this money.

Check-in privileges

Business class passengers start availing their benefits even before the flight. Thus, they are seated sooner than economy class passengers. Generally, business class passengers check-in separately from other passengers, in a luxurious waiting areas. Many of these waiting areas offer private eating areas, nap rooms and even shower rooms.

Opportunities for conducting business

People who travel with business purposes need special amenities that allow working and conducting business even when in the air. Long haul flights take lots of time which business people cannot afford wasting. Business class passengers are provided with all modern amenities that allow doing business during the flight, like personal power chargers for laptops and satellite phones.

Comfortable seats

Of course, business class flights are not only for diplomats and business people. This class of air travel is the best choice for anyone who cherishes comfort. Premium class cabins are equipped with large and comfortable seats that can be reclined up to 180 degrees. With a larger legroom and extended seat pitch, you can forget about breachy neighbours kicking the back of your seat or thrusting you with elbows. Of course, you can forget about uncomfortable sitting position, back or neck ache, as you can recline the back of your seat into the most comfortable position.

Depending on the airline company, premium class cabins are equipped with three types of seats:

Angled Seats with a recline angle from 140 to 170 degrees
Cradle seats offering a recline angle of 160 degrees
Flatbed Seats offering a 180-degree recline angle.

Better selection of food

Business class passengers are offered a great variety of restaurant-like meals that can be ordered in advance from a pre-order menu. In addition, there is a good selection of free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Onboard entertainment

Premium class cabins are equipped with high-end audio/video systems. Some airline carries provide portable DVD players.

Cheap first class flights can be affordable

Today business class flights are affordable for virtually all travellers. Of course, to find cheap business class flights you need to perform a decent investigation or get help from a professional company like CheapFirstClass.com. This company will help find the best deals on business class flights.

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