Are You Overpaying For Your Move? These 5 Tip Will Help You Pay Less!

Relocation is a daunting and expensive process. Whether you move locally, or across the country, you need to plan each step of your move well in advance. Only advanced planning will help minimize the stress of moving and save some money.

These 5 tips will make your move less stressful and expensive:


1) Get rid of unnecessary things

Moving is an excellent opportunity to assess your belongings. The fewer things you relocate – the less expensive your move will be. So, look at your belongings and divide them into two categories: items you cannot do without and items that only collect dust.

Memorable items and items that you use on a regular basis should be packed and prepared for a move, other stuff can find new owners. Organize garage sale or donate your things to people or organizations that need them.

2) Compare several quotes

Moving yourself is usually not the best option. By hiring professional movers you’ll avoid lots of difficulties. There are lots of moving companies ready to help you with your move. Many of them offer affordable rates. Take time to compare several moving companies, mainly their experience, provided services and rates.

3) Pack properly

You will save some money if you pack things yourself. However, be very careful when packing fragile items. If you do not want your pottery of favorite china arrive in broken pieces, it is better to commit packing of fragile items to professional movers. Large items, like furniture should be also packed by professionals.

4) Use free packing supplies

A set of professional packing supplies you need for a move may be quite expensive. So, your task is to find free boxes. Ask your friends or visit stores that are likely to have large boxes. For example, bookstores or liquor stores. However, do not forget that some items require professional packing supplies.

5) Be flexible

If you want to pay less, it is better moving on a “off” day. Moving in the middle of the week is usually cheaper than, for example on Friday. So, find out what are the cheapest days for a move. Generally, the most expensive months for a move are June and July. Therefore, if you move in autumn or spring, you have an excellent chance to pay less.

These moving tips were provided by San Francisco movers company. This company has an excellent experience in providing moving services. An experienced and skilled crew knows how to make a move quick, hassle-free and budget-friendly.

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