Entertainment Meccas: Atlantic City, New Jersey!

After enduring a period of decline in the latter periods of the 20th century, Atlantic City, the crown jewel of the Jersey Shore, has shone brightly again in recent years as the economy improved in the 1990’s and 2000’s.  Every summer, people from the surrounding area and from around the world come here to stroll its boardwalks (especially after being romanticized by TV shows like Boardwalk Empire), bake on its beaches, and attempt to curry the favour of Lady Luck at one of its many casinos.

Once you have been placed within the beehive of activity that can be found here though, it can be difficult to know what to do first.  If you find yourself in this camp, then any one of the following suggestions will get you unstuck and out having fun in one of the most happening places in the tri-state area this summer.

Atlantic City, NJ

Casino roundup: do you feel lucky, punk?

With gambling heavily regulated in the state of New York, people from the NYC area, as well as those from Philadelphia and the many townships and smaller cities of New Jersey flock here to this seaside resort to try their luck at spinning up a fortune, be it on the bounce of a roulette ball, or the flip of a card.

The allure of resorts such as Taj Mahal (built by none other than The Donald), Borgata, and Caesar’s Palace, among others, draws in the hopeful masses, making for an exciting atmosphere overall.  More good news in recent months as also seen internet gambling made legal in the state of New Jersey, allowing you to school state residents and visitors on licensed and regulated sites. Just do a search for online casino nj and you’ll find a bunch to try your virtual hand!

Dining: From fine cuisine to greasy spoon favorites, Atlantic City will fill the void inside you

True to its ocean side boardwalk roots, Atlantic City has plenty of stalls serving up the latest deep-fried creations that may subtract days from your lifespan, but they will add satisfaction to your fat, sweet and salt craving taste buds.

Those seeking something a bit more refined for their palate are also not left behind in this extravagant place, as those who are well-heeled, or those looking for a fin way to spend their gambling profits will find restaurants like Bobby Flay Steak, a joint that takes the classic American protein-heavy meal and adds a touch of modern flair to it, and Dock’s Oyster House, which serves up these flavorful shellfish with sides that will lure you back into the seafood fold, after enduring mediocre renditions of it in recent times.

Beach side attractions: the ocean, the midway-like attractions and more

With summer beginning hit its full stride soon, one of the last things you’ll want to do is to hide indoors at this point, as the sunshine, pounding surf, and the salty air of New Jersey’s most popular seashore will prove to be impossible to resist.  Try some salt water taffy, which was invented here in 1885, ride the coaster at the Steel Pier, and carve up the intense surf as storm season causes waves to be pushed towards the coast during the late summer and fall seasons.

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