10 Reasons to Visit Tuscany This Year

After I finished college, a few buddies and me decided to strap on some back packs and leave DC for Europe to celebrate the end of our college days in style. We started doff in Italy then headed around Spain, Germany, the UK and Sweden before heading back to the good old U,S of A. Well, that’s what my buddies did, I decided to go upscale, return to Italy and sample some luxury accommodations in Tuscany. Having blown my savings shortly afterwards, I decided to get a job and I have been here ever since and I absolutely adore Italy and in particular Tuscany.

If you have never been to Tuscany then I would urge you to go at least once in your lifetime, it is a truly incredible place and here are my 10 reasons why I think you should try your utmost to come this year.

The Wine

I love wine and especially Italian wine and right here in Tuscany there is some of the nation’s finest. The Chianti region in particular produces some delicious red wines not to mention the divine Montepulciano d’Abruzzo that you will find throughout the vineyards of Tuscany, if you are a wine-lover like me then you’ll fall in love with this Italian region.

The Cuisine

Italian food is my absolute favorite food to eat, not just the pizzas and the fresh pasta but also the cured meats, the cheeses, the pastries, I could go on forever. Tuscany has its own style of cooking but also houses some of the very finest of cuisine across Italy and once you have tried it you will want to keep coming back for more.

The Islands

The legend goes that Venus herself dropped jewels on the coastline of Italy and they formed into the Tuscan archipelago. Once you have visited the like of Elba then you may well agree with the legend. These islands sit in the heart of the Mediterranean and are the perfect place for a sunshine break.

The Cities

From Florence to Siena, Livorno to Pisa, Tuscany offers tourists the most classic of Italian cities, bathed in art and alive with culture. The cities are in pretty close proximity to each other too and you won’t have to drive for more than an hour before you discover a whole new city with plenty to explore.

The Art

Italy is renowned the World over for its artistic influences and aside from Rome, the cities of Tuscany are where the finest Italian art can be seen. Florence for example houses the largest collection of renaissance art on the planet and many of the cities themselves feel like open-air art museums with statues and intricately designed streets and buildings.

The Leaning Tower

One of Italy’s most famous and iconic landmarks is the leaning tower of Pisa, a simple bell tower which thanks to an earthquake altering its foundations, has become a symbol of the country. You can see this in the Tuscan city of Pisa and take selfies to make your friends incredibly jealous.

The Tuscan Spas

There are many spas throughout the Tuscan region which offer thermal spas thanks to the geological conditions. What better way to sweat out the Chianti from the night before than bathing in these natural thermal springs as you blow the cobwebs away in style.

The Nature Train

To see the Tuscan landscape in the most stylish way possible, grab yourself a ticket for what is locally known as the ‘the Nature Train’. This slow moving steam train takes you through the heart of Tuscany and the Orcia Valley and lets you see the Tuscan countryside from the comfort of your cabin. The train runs from March right the way through to December giving you plenty of opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful tour.

The Locals

I have never found the Tuscan locals to be anything other than incredibly helpful, friendly and welcoming, something that cannot always be said for the Rome and Milan locals for example. There is a much more laid back way of life here in Tuscany and this is an attitude that is very much mimicked by the generous locals.

It Is Italy Rolled Into One

I often tell my family and friends, when describing Tuscany, that it feels to me like all of the most amazing things about Italy on the whole can be found in Tuscany and if you want a true flavor for the culture, the history and the way of life of the Italians then you will find everything that you are looking for, right here in Tuscany.

So what do you say? Have I managed to convince you to book that ticket to Italy? Hopefully I have and hopefully you will make the trip this year, any questions or comments you may have, feel free to write them down below.

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